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If you want to learn from the best minds in B2B sales, marketing, service, and technology, The Razor's Edge podcast is for you. After 25+ years in Sales, Barb understands the challenges that sales leaders and salespeople face. Barb is the co-author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media and authored the Harvard Business Review article Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy. In this podcast, Barb interviews authors, practitioners, and sales, marketing, service, and technology leaders from across the globe who share their expertise on everything from selling and marketing strategies and skills, engaging buyers online with social selling, top trends in technology to drive increases in revenue and pipeline and much more.
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Dec 31, 2016

Elinor Stutz broke through barriers long before doing so was popular. Against all odds she defied the theme, “women can’t sell” to become the top producer at every company she ever worked all the while ignoring attempts to get her to quit.

While on a stretcher with a broken neck predicted to be irreparable, Elinor saw two visions come to her. The first presented a report card showing it was her duty to begin empowering communities, and the second showed she was to become a worldwide speaker. She vowed with all her heart that she would rise to the occasion. Being the sales pro, she negotiated the outcome of healing 100%. The entire medical staff came to her recovery room to meet her and exclaim, “You are a walking miracle”. Stutz’ motto became, “Believe, Become, Empower.”

Moving full steam ahead six months later, she created Smooth Sale. Next steps to include ignoring all negativity:
• Her first book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building that Gets Results, is an International Best-Seller featured in TIME Magazine and on CBS-TV news.
• The Smooth Sale blog is distributed among corporations, entrepreneurs and media.
• Kred declared Elinor to be A Top 1% Influencer

Dec 21, 2016

I talked with Corey about what it takes to be a top sales producer in today’s ultra-competitive business environment. We talked about:

What led to Corey's own personal success in sales.
Top traits he thinks high performers have in common.
Ideas for being creative when trying to get to hard to reach buyers.
Metrics to measure and track.
Making it easy for your sales manager to support you.

About Corey:

Corey is the President and Founder of The Long Term Care Planning Group, a firm that specializes in delivering Long Term Care education and coverage to companies, high net worth individuals, and large organizations. Since 2001, Corey has devoted his career to Long Term Care as a result of multiple personal experiences. A neutral provider of Long Term Care Solutions since 2001, Corey brings a unique and comprehensive consultative perspective to this issue.

Learn about The Long Term Care Planning Group

Connect with Corey:
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Dec 13, 2016

In this episode, I talked with Mike Kunkle who is the senior director of sales readiness consulting at Brainshark, Inc., which provides sales enablement solutions for faster training, better coaching, and more successful sales conversations. Mike has spent more than two decades helping companies transform their sales results.

Mike and I discussed how to improve field training & sales coaching quality with the ROAM method.

You will learn just what the ROAM method is, how a sales manager can implement the strategy, training, and coaching methods to support the process and what can sales organizations or companies can do to enable their managers to use ROAM effectively.

Mike has made this offer to listeners -If you want to watch a webinar recording about ROAM and especially more detail about the dashboard and the field training and coaching models that we discussed. Visit:

Learn about Brainshark -

Connect with Mike:
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Dec 6, 2016

In this episode of the Razor's Edge, I talk to Mike Saunders at the Marketing Huddle about Authority Selling, which is also the title of his best-selling book. Today, more than ever, you need to be viewed as an expert authority in your field in order to move sales opportunities forward. Mike and I discussed:

  • The definition of Authority Positioning and how that is related to Authority Selling.
  • Why Mike believes that SEO as we traditionally know is almost "antiquated" and not as relevant as it used to be.
  • How to create and leverage to your advantage the Authority Positioning Porfolio.
  • The ZMOT (zero moment of truth) and how that relates to building authority.
  • How Mike helps entrepreneurs become Best Selling Authors without writing one word with his 3-Hour Authority System.


It was a great conversation that I hope you enjoy!



About Mike:

He is the author of Amazon Bestselling book Authority Selling™, contributor to The Huffington Post and Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities. As an Authority Marketing Strategist, I help business owners build their Authority and Expertise to enhance their Competitive Advantage and crush their competition by helping them become an Amazon bestselling author without writing a word using my proprietary 3 Hour Authority™ System. The result is a spectacular Authority Positioning Portfolio™ which is the solution for opening more doors to closing more business.

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