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If you want to learn from the best minds in B2B sales, marketing, service, and technology, The Razor's Edge podcast is for you. After 25+ years in Sales, Barb understands the challenges that sales leaders and salespeople face. Barb is the co-author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media and authored the Harvard Business Review article Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy. In this podcast, Barb interviews authors, practitioners, and sales, marketing, service, and technology leaders from across the globe who share their expertise on everything from selling and marketing strategies and skills, engaging buyers online with social selling, top trends in technology to drive increases in revenue and pipeline and much more.
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Aug 16, 2017

Today, in this segment of the Women in Sales Leadership series, I’m talking with Ellen Kindley is a dynamic revenue operations leader at QASymphony specializing in sales process, data management & analytics, strategy, and sales tech. 

Ellen believes that sales operations leaders should think about internal operational improvements as if you are building a product with features. Your sales people are essentially your customers, and everything done in revenue operations is geared to support them in success. Operations should act as a product owner - creating a road map where key stakeholders can collaborate on which projects (product features) to prioritize and why.

We discussed:

How revenue operations are different from traditional sales operations.

The overarching goals of a revenue operations team.

How to best organize the business initiatives you need to prioritize.

How to stay in tune with what’s happening on the sales floor and bring that back into your operational roadmap.

Ideas for cross collaboration with stakeholders across your business.

Some of the common operational challenges solved with the approach that Ellen advocates.


About Ellen:

Ellen Kindley is a dynamic revenue operations leader at QASymphony specializing in sales process, data management & analytics, strategy, and sales tech.

Ellen seeks to enable growth by facilitating strategic planning, infrastructure, and overall sales excellence. Ellen is passionate about laying the foundation on which SaaS startups can scale and grow - always striving to be the driving force for productivity improvement.

Starting at QASymphony in 2014, first as a consultant and then as a full-time employee in 2015, Ellen has successfully set the stage for hyper growth. Every step is data driven as she sets initiatives and priorities, evaluates gaps and executes improvements. Ellen's goal every day is to allow sales management and individual contributors to focus solely on revenue generating activities.

QASymphony's software testing and QA tools help companies create better software by improving speed, efficiency, and collaboration during the testing lifecycle.

Aug 14, 2017

I talked to Jim Burns of Avitage about how to support B2B value selling sales teams with the right knowledge, communication support, and situation-ready content. 

High-performing content is your First Product and Currency with which you earn attention, interest, engagement -- this is the way you create value for buyers. Unfortunately, many executives aren't aware of strategic imperative of high-performing content and the impact on their business. Since most content tends not to be sales or situation ready, it generally performs poorly, often negatively, which does not reflect well on the salesperson or the company brand.


Jim and I discussed:

How to assess the current state of your current sales content assets.

What Jim believes to be the underlying causes of why content doesn't perform well.

The primary cases for using sales content:

  • Knowledge, Shared Learning, Preparation support
  • Communication Support
  • Situation-ready

How an organization should go about producing content that is high-quality, high performing and sales-ready.

What Jim recommends in terms of deploying content, or making situation-ready content easier for salespeople to access and use?

And much more.

Enjoy the interview!


About Jim:

Jim Burns is a sales professional with a unique expertise in sales conversation and content. For over 20 years his company Avitage developed sales content and software that improved the way sales professionals differentiated themselves and created value for customers through the way they sold.

B2B selling organizations of all sizes have benefited from breakthrough approaches Avitage provided to capture and incorporate selling knowledge into daily activities. They've learned how to create effective communication support and situation-ready content that fuels value selling models.

Avitage no longer produces content. They help organizations capitalize on methodologies and practices that create high-performing content, at scale, without compromise.

Aug 9, 2017

In this Women in Sales Leadership episode, I talked with Erin Bush. She is the Director of Revenue Operations at SalesLoft, the platform for modern sales engagement.

A Walker 2020 report revealed that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key differentiator. There is no doubt that experience is a key priority for many organizations. Forrester reported that 72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority. In a blog from NewVoiceMedia, their recent research indicates that companies lose more than $62 billion due to poor customer service. That's a big problem!

I talked with Erin about SalesLoft defines customer experience and who is involved in the experience process. From their point of view it is a team effort between Marketing, Sales and their Customer Success team.

We talked about:

How the teams work together to create seamless experiences.

How they make sure that the team is well informed and hand-off points are clearly defined.

How technology and systems are key to a successful workflow.

Enjoy the interview!


About Erin:

Erin Bush is the Director of Revenue Operations at SalesLoft, the platform for modern sales engagement. In this role, she works with Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to create systems to more efficiently prospect, win, onboard, and support customers.

Erin is a veteran sales leader in the Atlanta startup community.  An innovator in sales operations, Erin specializes in building a connected sales practice utilizing modern sales technology.



Jul 25, 2017

I talked with Katie Early, a sales leader at HubSpot, about her strategies for leading SDR/BDR teams to consistent sales success. Katie first talked to me about how she got started in a career in sales and what she loves about the profession.

We then talked about:

How Katie made the transition from an individual contributor sales role into a sales leadership role and the surprises she encountered and the lessons she learned.

Katie then shared her guidance for women who’d like to make the same transition into a leadership position.

Successfully leading teams to exceed monthly and annual sales targets on a consistent basis isn't always easy. Katie shared some of her strategies that help her lead her team to ongoing success.

We discussed the importance of hiring right, coaching, ongoing training.

How SDR/BDR roles are important in selling success and Katie's thoughts on how those front-line roles are evolving. 

Katie recently moved into a new leadership role and made a move to Dublin. She told me about her new role and what led her to tackle this new challenge.

Enjoy the interview!

About Katie:

Katie Early leads the Corporate Sales Team for HubSpot in EMEA, focusing on growing the HubSpot's presence with large scale organizations. She started her sales career with HubSpot 6 years ago, where she worked as an individual contributor before moving into Sales Management in North America, and then later moving to the Dublin office for her current role.

Jul 18, 2017

I love this topic because it is a reminder that we are the owners of our plan for work and life! My guest in this segment was Lindsay Zwart, Microsoft General Manager of the US SM&SP National Sales Organization (NSO).

Lindsay is an advocate for women in leadership roles. She told me why that advocacy is so important to her.

We also talked about:

Why Lindsay believes women need to put more emphasis on building their brand and why she believes that it is important for career success.

To be successful, we certainly cannot go it alone. I asked Lindsay to share her advice for networking effectively – inside and outside of any organization where you work.

How Lindsay's international experience has been of value to her working for Microsoft and how she leverages experience that in her career.

Lindsay also shared her suggestions for women to help them identify their next roles and once those roles are identified, how to create a plan to get there.

Finally, we talked about work/life balance because Lindsay is an extremely busy executive, as all the women in this leadership series are. Lindsay talked about how she maintains the balance between work and her home life. Good stuff!

Enjoy the interview!

About Lindsay:

Lindsay Zwart is General Manager of the US SM&SP National Sales Organization (NSO) at Microsoft. Lindsay’s team manages Corporate Accounts Licensing and in SMS&P, Software Asset Management, Sales Excellence and CTM Strategy. Lindsay previously led the U.S. Dynamics Partner, Industry and SMB Sales organization, the Dynamics Country Lead for New Zealand, and led the consulting team within the Microsoft Services organization. Lindsay worked for IBM before joining Microsoft.  She enjoys working in a vibrant, collaborative environment, and is an advocate for supporting women in leadership roles and empowering people through trust and accountability. When not working, Lindsay enjoys time with her husband and two girls, ages 12 and 9, keeping busy with sporting activities and adventures.

Jul 12, 2017

Are today’s buyers really different from the buyers of a few years ago? In many ways, yes and Mary Kay Hauer of MK Associates also shared her perspective on how some things aren't really all that different in today's market.

Questions we tackled include:

The difficulty many sellers have in selling to today's buyers.

Some of the strategies a seller can use to avoid these difficulties.

Ideas on how to best connect with a potential buyer who often ignores salespeople.

How salespeople can increase their win rates if they truly understand the drivers behind why buyer make their buying decisions.

Enjoy the interview!

About Mary Kay:

Mary Kay Hauer of MKH Associates whose personal mission is "Creating passionate salespeople who love their job as much as she does”. When you love what you do, and you are good at it, customers will want to buy from you. Her goal is to transition good people into passionate sales people who help their customers be more successful…and make good money doing just that.

Working with large companies such as Microsoft, HP, Kyocera, Southern California Edison, and Lands’ End to small start-up companies, Mary Kay has helped organizations apply the Solution Selling®  principles, best practices and a framework that develops and enables salespeople to reach success with passion. 

Jul 10, 2017

Want to know how to close more business, more profitably? In this episode, my guest Jeff Koser tells you how to do that by selling to zebras. Not the kind of Zebra you find in a zoo, but the Zebra that is the perfect customer for you.

Jeff and I discussed:

What he means by selling to a Zebra.

How the approach of selling to Zebras came to him when Jeff was working for a company called Baan.

In addition to advocating that sellers stay focused on pursuing business with Zebras aka their ideal prospect, Jeff told me why it is so important to get to the "power" in any organization. 

Most salespeople can rattle off a value proposition but Jeff talked to me about why sellers need to quantify value in a way that they probably haven’t thought about. 

Of course, we talked about the role of CRM and why salespeople often don't like it.

Finally, Jeff shared his advice for salespeople selling in a world that is vastly different from years past.

Enjoy the interview!

About Jeff:

Jeff Koser is the spirited CEO and founder of Selling to Zebras, a sales tools Software company Jeff is an award-winning co-author of Selling to Zebras, HOW to CLOSE 90% of the BUSINESS YOU PURSUE FASTER, MORE EASILY, and MORE PROFITABLY.  In 2010, Jeff was recognized as one of the best sales authors of all time in the book, The Sales Gurus. Jeff has more than thirty years of experience in building businesses, speaking, consulting, executive sales management, business strategy, and business development.

Jul 5, 2017


Hiring the right people with the right skills is critical to sales organizations. In this episode, I talk with Katie Ng-Mak from HubSpot who shares her thoughts on hiring top talent and building a culture of inclusiveness.

As we kicked off, Katie told me what led her into a sales career and what she loves about the profession. She then shared her advice to women in sales who want to move into leadership roles.

According to the research, hiring is a top priority for many sales organizations. You'll hear how Katie believes that hiring right translates into achieving sales results.

We also discussed:

What the ideal sales persona looks like today and how that persona will evolve as we move into the future.

The role diversity and inclusiveness plays in creating a sales team of A-players.

Strategies for sales managers who may discover after hiring someone that they aren’t a fit for the role after all.

The most important thing Katie has learned about hiring top talent.

Enjoy the interview!

About Katie:

Katie Ng-Mak is a Sales Director at HubSpot where she manages a 65-person sales organization and is in charge of the company’s North America channel business. She developed her sales career at HubSpot where she started as a rep 8 years ago before moving on to sales management and sales leadership. Prior to HubSpot, she worked on Wall Street and studied at the Harvard Business School and Columbia University.

Jun 21, 2017

In this segment of the Women in Sales Leadership series, I talked with Mary Ford, Director, Sales Strategy and Operations at SecureWorks. 

The sales operations team is often overlooked for the value that they bring to the sales force and a company's business overall. Mary shared her views on why might happen and what you can do about it. After Mary let me know how she got started in sales, we talked about:

Mary's definition of Sales Operations. 

How to develop and evolve the Sales Ops team inside your company.

How the Sales Operations function has evolved over time.

Mary's suggestions for becoming a Sales Ops Rockstar.

Where the future of Sales Operations may be headed.

Finally, Mary shared her advice for women looking to move into leadership roles.

About Mary:

Mary Ford currently serves as Director, Sales Strategy and Operations for SecureWorks.  

Previously, she was a member of the leadership team at Cbeyond, taking the company from start-up to a publicly traded, $450 million leading Cloud and Managed services provider to SMBs. She held a number of roles leading marketing, sales operations and learning and development functions. 

Ford serves as chair of the Board of the Atlanta Track Club and as a board member for the Technology Association of Georgia Sales Leadership Society. 

Ford is a graduate of the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2014 and serves in a variety of other volunteer roles.  She holds a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia and aanMA degree in Telecommunications from George Washington University. 

Jun 20, 2017

In this episode, I talk with Sebastien Denes, Senior Director SAP Digital Business Services. He talked with me about he incorporates social selling strategies into his sales process.

Sebastien began using LinkedIn about 10 years ago but said he really realized the power of social about 5 years ago when he moved to take a position in China. It was his way of staying connected with his colleagues in Europe. He also uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator to share content, engage with prospective buyers, stay in touch with customer and partners, and to plan for his sales calls. He also loves the educational value that LinkedIn offers.

Finally, we talked about Sebastien's keys to success using social media on a daily basis.

About Sebastien:

Sebastien Denes is a Senior Director and Head of RunSAP Center of Expertise APJ within the Digital Business Services organization at SAP. In this role, Sebastien leads the delivery of Run/Operations Services, overseeing a team of 120 professionals and managing the annual Run Services contribution.

His team advises CIO/CTO in various industries such as Banking/Insurance, E-commerce/Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Telecom.

Jun 19, 2017

Coaching done consistently is one of the best ways to ensure that all your salespeople are achieving their goals but coaching isn't the same as managing. Donald shared his thoughts on:

How he defines coaching.

Why it is so important, especially for a small business.

What an effective coaching session looks like for the sales rep and sales leader.

How often leaders should be coaching.

Ways to measure coaching effectiveness.

How coaching has helped Donald in his career and business. 

Enjoy the interview!

About Donald:

Donald has a belief that “anyone” can sell if they have the desire. Early on in his sales career, Donald struggled with sales, but through the proper training and coaching, he became a top performing seller. He has since taken it upon himself to “evangelize” the message of effective selling to struggling entrepreneurs, salespeople and anyone looking to improve their sales hustle. Donald hosts a popular sales podcast call “The Sales Evangelist.

He works with small to midsize companies in developing effective sales processes as well as training their teams. He is an award-winning sales and motivational speaker. When he’s not training, speaking or selling, he loves spending time with his family in South Florida."

Jun 15, 2017

In this episode, I talk with Federico Winer, Head of Entertainment Industries EMEA at SAP. He talked with me about he incorporates social selling strategies into his sales process. 

Fede got started some years ago when he realized the power and importance of building an online brand. He uses LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to share content, engage with prospective buyers and customers and plan for his sales calls.


You'll hear in the interview that Fede believes salespeople should be human and authentic. After all, people buy from people. He also thinks that doing your homework before sales conversations is important but that you shouldn't be over scripted. 

Finally, we talked about Fede's keys to success using social media to drive sales opportunities.

Enjoy the interview!

About Federico:

Federico Winer has developed international business for media, sports and entertainment firms since the start of his career, with a firm understanding of how humanities and IT coexist. In his role as Head of Entertainment Industries for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at SAP, Fede is responsible for the generation of Entertainment industry revenue and pipeline. He is a trusted industry advisor for both SAP customers as well as SAP Account Executives across sectors like lotteries, betting houses, casinos, amusement parks, trade shows, game publishers and museums.

Jun 14, 2017

Account based selling and marketing are hot topics in business today. During this interview, Kristina shares research about what's working with regard to account based everything.

We discussed Kristina's views on:

The top trends in sales today.

How organizations should think about Account-Based execution.

How Account-Based changes the metrics for success for both sales and marketing.

Whether Account-Based is a realistic approach for most organizations.

An example of an account-based campaign that worked.

Finally, Kristina shares her perspective on what women in sales roles can do if they want to move into leadership positions.

Enjoy the interview!

About Kristina:

Kristina McMillan leads the research organization behind all of TOPO’s practices. She works with TOPO’s analysts to develop best practice frameworks and actionable research that help clients cultivate world-class demand generation, sales development, and sales organizations. She is also one of TOPO's sales development experts and advises clients on all matters related to sales development. Previously, Kristina spent 12 years as a best practices consultant and practitioner helping build sales development and inside sales teams for companies such as Knova, Taleo, Eloqua, Five 9, Zmanda, and more.

Jun 12, 2017

In this episode, Lee Salz talks about sales differentiation and why it matters. We discussed:

Whether sales differentiation is a sales or marketing issue.

Why is sales differentiation is important…why it matters.

How you can differentiate yourself even if you sell a commodity product.

Though Lee developed 19 sales differentiation concepts, he discussed an example of a way in which salespeople can leverage sales differentiation.

Other ways that salespeople can incorporate sales differentiation into their sales strategy.

What is one of the biggest mistakes salespeople make when it comes to sales differentiation?

Mistakes salespeople make with sales differentiation.

What to do if prospect’s buy through RFPs (Requests for Proposal)…how can you use sales differentiation when faced with an RFP.

Enjoy the interview!

About Lee:

Lee Salz is a leading sales management strategist and founder of Sales Architects. He is the best-selling author of four business books with a fifth in development on sales differentiation that will be published by Wiley in April 2018. 

His latest book “Hire Right, Higher Profits” is an Amazon best-seller and was the #1 rated sales management book on Amazon for 2014. His sales book “Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager” was named by Amazon as one of their top 20 most highly-rated sales books of all-time. 

He is also a featured columnist in the Business Journal, a member of the Sales and Marketing Management magazine Advisory Board, a member of the Sales Education Foundation Advisory Board, and serves as the Program Advisor to the Kansas State University National Strategic Selling Institute.

Jun 7, 2017

In this Women in Sales Leadership interview, you'll hear tips and strategies for running an effective sales discovery call, but first I asked Tonni about how she got into sales and what she loves about the profession.

Then we discussed:

How Tonni has prepared her sales team to run effective discovery calls.

How you earn trust and credibility quickly in the call to allow for effective discovery.

Tips for sellers who struggle to keep a prospect engaged throughout the discovery conversation.


Traits that women have that make them effective at discovery during sales meetings.

Tips for keeping discovery going throughout the sales process.

What comes first? Demo or discovery call?

Tonni's advice for women would are thinking about how to move into a leadership role.

Enjoy the interview!

About Tonni:

Tonni Bennett is the Vice President of Sales at Terminus, a leader in account-based marketing software. She has scaled the sales team to 29 members over the past 2 years. (Terminus was ranked #2 at the Atlanta Business Chronicle's Pacesetter Awards as a top 5 fastest growing company in Atlanta.) Before Terminus she was a top producing sales professional at Pardot, PeopleMatter and SalesLoft.

Jun 6, 2017

I talked with Rob Kall, CEO of Cien about the deeper impact that artificial intelligence can have on the sales process. Cien's application helps sales leaders answer difficult questions with better accuracy. Questions such as:

  • What sales numbers and budget should I plan for next year?
  • Why do teams make or miss their sales targets?
  • What leads and opportunities should my reps be focused on?
  • Which items in my playbook have the most impact on sales?

I asked Rob about his thoughts about whether sales leaders are measuring what matters most to the business. 

The impetus behind starting Cien.

The specific business problems that Cien is solving.

What he thinks about Salesforce Einstein.

And the benefits that artificial intelligence brings to salespeople.

Enjoy the interview! And don't forget to take the survey that Rob mentioned during the interview. Find it HERE.

About Rob:

Rob Kall is Swedish American serial entrepreneur, known for his data-driven approach to sales management and performance. His latest start up, Cien, is a new artificial intelligence app focused on helping teams increase their sales productivity by answering their most difficult questions.

May 31, 2017

I talked with Bridget about her leadership experience working in Israeli start-up During this episode, you'll first hear how Bridget got her start in sales. 

Then we talked about her experience working for an Iraeli company.

How her experience working with an Israeli company is different from other start-ups she has worked with. 

You'll gain some perspective on Bridget handles the time difference and what that means for communication among the leadership team.

Bridget shared a few of her biggest surprises. 

Finally, Bridget shares her advice would to women in sales roles who want to move into leadership positions.


About Bridget:

Bridget Gleason is VP of Sales at and manages the company’s worldwide sales organization. She was most recently VP of Corporate Sales as well as Executive Advisor at Sumo Logic. Prior to Sumo Logic, she was VP of Worldwide Sales at Yesware and Senior VP of Worldwide Sales at Engine Yard.

May 23, 2017

In this Women in Sales Leadership segment, I talked with Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing at Allbound about building partner relationships that drive revenue. 

As a kicking off point, we talked about how Jen got started in sales and what she loves about the profession. Then we discussed:

Jen's recommendations for engaging channel partner sales reps to drive qualified sales leads.

Some of the most common challenges sales teams face when the company sells both directly and indirectly.

The revenue benefits of building out a partner program and strategies for making that happen.

Finally, Jen shared her advice for women in sales who would like to move up in the leadership ranks, but aren’t exactly sure how to get started.

This episode is sponsored by Hubspot.

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About Jen:

Jen is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Phoenix-based Allbound, an easy-to-use SaaS platform that helps companies accelerate recurring revenue with channel partners. Jen subscribes to the notion that “we’re all in this together,” and great communication leads to great partnership. She loves animals, technology, the arts, and really good Scotch.

May 22, 2017

Successful selling is all about the basics, but how well do sales teams execute on the basics these days? Jim Ninnivaggi, SVP of Business Development at Brainshark shares his views on why the basics in selling matter more today than ever.

We talked about:

Jim's belief that salespeople have to get “back to basics.” He talked about the basics he means and how sales teams have veered away from them.

How the factors that contribute to sales success have changed over the past few decades.

What has diverted sales organizations’ attention away from the basics, the repercussions and how can sales teams can get back on track.

Critical components to sales readiness – specifically onboarding, training, and coaching – and how to implement a back-to-basics approach.

An example of how organizations really excel at executing on the basics and what modern sales teams can learn.

Enjoy the interview!

About Jim:

Jim is the SVP of business development at Brainshark, a leading sales enablement and readiness solutions provider. He helps to shape and execute Brainshark’s partner strategy – driving key partnerships that extend the power of Brainshark’s solutions and platform.

Jim has three decades of experience in B2B sales productivity. He previously served as service director for sales enablement strategies at research and advisory firm SiriusDecisions – helping to build and define that practice area for both the firm and industry at large.

May 16, 2017

In this Women in Sales Leadership episode, I talked with Samantha McKenna from ON24. We talked about:

What led Samantha into sales and what she loves about the profession.

How she set herself apart with prospects and clients from the other reps she competed against. Think going bigger, stretching further and getting creative.

The core values that enabled Samantha's sales success. 

Her advice for women in sales who want to move into leadership roles, and what she did to get herself promoted into leadership positions.

And more.

Enjoy the interview. 

About Samantha:

Samantha McKenna is an award-winning leader, who serves as a Regional Vice President of Sales for ON24, and has worked within the SaaS sales and marketing space for ten years.  She is a thought leader in the demand generation and content marketing space, having spoken across the US regarding webinars, the use of technology in the marketing stack, the use of analytics for business development and lead generation, and how leading law firms and professional services organizations are leveraging technology to drive revenue.  Samantha served four years as a board member for the Legal Marketing Association’s Capital Chapter and actively volunteers with financial literacy initiatives in Washington, D.C.

May 14, 2017

I talked with James Buckley at Cirrus Insight about his passion for sales, specifically the role of the SDR (sales development rep) in the selling process. We talked about:

How James got started in selling.

The types of sales positions he's held and what he's learned.

How his background in Writing Communications benefits him in selling.

The importance of social media presence in today's competitive climate.

Where James sees the sales industry headed in the next couple of years.

And, why James loves the position of SDR and the value he feels it brings to sales organizations.

About James:

James Buckley is a Business Development Manager and Sales Trainer at Cirrus Insight. He is originally from Miami, Florida but has lived in the Knoxville area for 12 years. James attended a small liberal arts college in Maryville, Tennessee Maryville College, where he graduated with a Writing Communications degree. James' focus and specialty is the Sales Development Role. He believes that these are long-term positions under-utilized in today's fast paced business models. James is a customer focused, results-driven professional with growth on his mind. He believes there is no substitute for hard work, and ultimately it's what helps him stand out.


May 9, 2017

Today is a big day! I am launching a special series devoted to Women in Sales Leadership roles in corporations across the globe. My first interview is with Lisa Muller, CEO of Lantevasin Sales Enablement and we talked about building a strong and healthy sales pipeline.

I talked to Lisa about:

Why she got into sales and what she loves about the profession.

Why keeping the pipeline full of qualified opportunities is a  challenge for many organizations.

CRM information is used to forecast sales revenue, but is it always accurate?

Tips for sales leaders on how to improve the quality of the pipeline.

Why coaching is so important to great sales skills but also ensuring that the sales pipeline is healthy.

Finally, I asked Lisa to share her advice for women in sales who want to move into leadership roles. She shared her thoughts about some of the traits of individual contributor’s vs leaders?

This episode is sponsored by Hubspot

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About Lisa:

Lisa Muller, CEO of Lantevasin Sales Enablement. Lisa has over twenty years of experience based helping organizations in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. She has worked with small and large companies across the world, overseeing national and global sales teams, driving sales as a sole contributor and providing consultancy services to increase sales and commercial success. Her projects have spanned the achievement of a variety of revenue objectives from $2m to $64m.

Connect with Lisa:

Follow Lisa on Twitter @lantevasin

Skype: Lisa1334



May 7, 2017

In this episode, I talked with Jonathan Jewett. Jonathan is the sales professional’s salesman - someone who has spent every day of his 22-year career on the front lines of sales. He’s sold for giants like Oracle and helped numerous startups build their sales organizations from nothing to millions of dollars in revenue. 

We talked about The 40 Best Sales Techniques Ever, which happens to be the title of Jonathan's book. During the interview, Jonathan told me:

  1. How he go started in a career in sales.
  2. What prompted him to the write the book.
  3. How he came to choose the 40 techniques he shares in the book. 
  4. The two most important techniques for a salesperson looking to improve their performance.
  5. Jonathan's thoughts on the secrets to sales success in today's competitive environment.
  6. How sales are much different today than when you started Jonathan first got started in sales 20 years ago.

Enjoy the interview!

About Jonathan:

Jonathan Jewett is the sales professional’s salesman - someone who has spent every day of his 22-year career on the front lines of sales. He’s sold for giants like Oracle and helped numerous startups build their sales organizations from nothing to millions of dollars in revenue. Today, Jonathan is still in the sales trenches - observing, learning, and experimenting to find the perfect sales formula.

As a student of sales, Jonathan is obsessed with finding new ways to help salespeople close more deals and achieve greater financial success. Jonathan’s been the #1 producer in almost every company he’s joined and booked tens of millions of dollars in revenue by selling complex enterprise software to the Fortune 500. Jonathan may be reached at

May 3, 2017

Being a rock star sales rep doesn't necessarily mean that the transition to becoming a sales managers is going to be easy. Sales managers need training to help them transition because the skills that led to individual contributor success, sales rock star greatness aren't the same skills needed to be great in leading sales teams.

Kevin and I talked about:

  1. The biggest problem facing sales managers and VPs of Sales today.
  2. Some of the most important lessons that Kevin learned in your time as a sales leader.
  3. Why Kevin decided to write “The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness”.
  4. How organizations can better prepare their managers to be great leaders.
  5. The one piece of advice that sales managers never get but desperately need.
  6. Kevin's favorite insight he included in the book? In other words, Kevin shares with listeners the most important thing he learned while researching and writing.

About Kevin:

Kevin is the president of TopLine Leadership, which provides customized sales training and sales management development programs. His 3rd book, “The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness: 10 Essential Strategies for Leading Your Team to the Top” is now available in hard cover, ebook and audiobook from Early in his career, he worked for a Fortune 200 company in sales management and general management responsibilities. He, therefore, understands the unique challenges faced during the transition from sales to managing salespeople and the transition from managing salespeople to managing sales managers. Kevin is also the author of two sales books, “Getting Into Your Customer’s Head and “Slow Down, Sell Faster!” He lives in the Reno-Tahoe area.

Apr 24, 2017

Every year, strong salespeople get promoted to sales leadership positions, receive little or no training, and then just be expected to do their job.  They put in long hours, trying to figure out what to do.  Often they just don’t know how to go about solving some of the most common sales staff problems. In this episode, I talked with Suzanne about the guidance, training, coaching and mentoring that sales managers need to successfully lead their teams. We discussed:

The inspiration behind Suzanne's book.  

How sales leaders attempt to solve problems. 

The challenges that often impede their ability to solve problems. 

Why, when things aren't working out, sales managers keep hoping things will change on their own. 

A problem-solving framework. For example, your reps aren't prospecting as expected. 

What sales leaders need to understand to be successful.

Enjoy the interview! 

About Suzanne:

Suzanne Paling, who is a recognized leader in sales management, has over 25 years of experience in sales management consulting and coaching. She has helped more than 55 companies improve their sales performance and processes. Clients include product and service firms in the manufacturing, software, publishing, distribution, medical, and construction industries. Docurated selected Suzanne’s blog as one of their “Top 50 Sales Management Blogs.” She writes for and American Business Magazine, publishes a monthly newsletter and was profiled in The New York Times Small Business column. Suzanne is the author of two award-winning books The Accidental Sales Manager, (Entrepreneur Press) and The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver (Career Press).





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