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Aug 30, 2017

In this segment of the Women in Sales Leadership series, I talked with Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President in the One Commercial Partner team where she is responsible for global partner channel management and programs, with a focus on driving digital transformation for partners and customers.

I talked to Gavriella about what it means to build a career as a life long learner, and why you should too. 

I asked Gavriella about her different roles with Microsoft, from sales to operations and now as Microsoft’s channel chief. Here's what she told me is the most important thing for everyone to keep in mind as they build their own careers. It is all about ongoing learning to keep growing your skills and opportunities.

Gavriella shared with me the constants she has noticed throughout changes in her career.

You will love Gavriella's story about how she took the stage at Microsoft Inspire with tens of thousands of people, both in the arena and watching online, for a keynote address. She shared her major learning from that opportunity.


You'll also learn what Gavriella feels she has learned in the past year or so. Things like leading teams through ambiguity, start with won't change, how to create clarity or yourself on how you, personally, can help achieve that outcome, why you should not work in a vacuum and more.

Finally, Gavriella shared her advice for women just getting started on this journey as a lifelong learner.

Enjoy the interview! 

About Gavriella:

Gavriella Schuster is a Corporate Vice President in the One Commercial Partner team, Gavriella Schuster is responsible for global partner channel management and programs, with a focus on driving digital transformation for partners and customers. Gavriella’s team is responsible for the high-touch experiences of Managed Service Providers, Hosters, Resellers, Distributors and National/Local SIs. She is also responsible for connecting, enabling, investing in, and rewarding partners through high-touch and low-touch programmatic experiences. She has extensive experience in sales, marketing, product management, and partner development with a strong track record of managing customers, partners, and teams. Over the last 20 years at Microsoft, she has managed sales and marketing teams across the Server and Cloud business, the Windows Client Commercial business, Enterprise Services, licensing sales and marketing, field business development, training initiative development, segment marketing, worldwide partner marketing and training strategies and worldwide operations. 






Aug 23, 2017

In this episode, I talked with Jasmine Sandler about The Importance of Social Branding and its intersection with Social Selling in Delivering Results.

I asked Jasmine to start by giving me the deets on how she got to where she is in her career today.

We discussed:

Jasmine's perspective on the intersection between Social Branding and Social Selling, and what she means by that.

You'll hear tips on how to build a successful social brand presence.

You learn why Social Branding is for everyone, and your social brand is useful for anyone from Entrepreneur to Executive.

Discover how the Social Branding of the Individual Executive supports a company's brand strength.

Jasmine provides tips for executives branding themselves online.

Finally, Jasmine talks us through a client case study, so you can understand the process she uses to help people build their brand. 

Enjoy the interview!

About Jasmine:

Jasmine Sandler is a Google awarded Author, Senior-level Consultant and Keynote Speaker on Online Branding for global organizations and C-level executives. She is the Founder and CEO of Agent-cy Online Marketing, a NYC-based Social Media and Search Agency serving global brands including: CitiBank,  Private Jet Card Comparisons, Fly Home Jets,  Tuescher Chocolates, Diamonds International, Almod Diamonds and The Shade Store.  She writes on SEO and Social Media Strategies for Fast Company, LinkedIn,, and She has a dual MBA in Marketing and CIS and is a former IBM Marketing executive. Her passions are Speaking, Singing and Hockey.

Aug 16, 2017

Today, in this segment of the Women in Sales Leadership series, I’m talking with Ellen Kindley is a dynamic revenue operations leader at QASymphony specializing in sales process, data management & analytics, strategy, and sales tech. 

Ellen believes that sales operations leaders should think about internal operational improvements as if you are building a product with features. Your sales people are essentially your customers, and everything done in revenue operations is geared to support them in success. Operations should act as a product owner - creating a road map where key stakeholders can collaborate on which projects (product features) to prioritize and why.

We discussed:

How revenue operations are different from traditional sales operations.

The overarching goals of a revenue operations team.

How to best organize the business initiatives you need to prioritize.

How to stay in tune with what’s happening on the sales floor and bring that back into your operational roadmap.

Ideas for cross collaboration with stakeholders across your business.

Some of the common operational challenges solved with the approach that Ellen advocates.


About Ellen:

Ellen Kindley is a dynamic revenue operations leader at QASymphony specializing in sales process, data management & analytics, strategy, and sales tech.

Ellen seeks to enable growth by facilitating strategic planning, infrastructure, and overall sales excellence. Ellen is passionate about laying the foundation on which SaaS startups can scale and grow - always striving to be the driving force for productivity improvement.

Starting at QASymphony in 2014, first as a consultant and then as a full-time employee in 2015, Ellen has successfully set the stage for hyper growth. Every step is data driven as she sets initiatives and priorities, evaluates gaps and executes improvements. Ellen's goal every day is to allow sales management and individual contributors to focus solely on revenue generating activities.

QASymphony's software testing and QA tools help companies create better software by improving speed, efficiency, and collaboration during the testing lifecycle.

Aug 14, 2017

I talked to Jim Burns of Avitage about how to support B2B value selling sales teams with the right knowledge, communication support, and situation-ready content. 

High-performing content is your First Product and Currency with which you earn attention, interest, engagement -- this is the way you create value for buyers. Unfortunately, many executives aren't aware of strategic imperative of high-performing content and the impact on their business. Since most content tends not to be sales or situation ready, it generally performs poorly, often negatively, which does not reflect well on the salesperson or the company brand.


Jim and I discussed:

How to assess the current state of your current sales content assets.

What Jim believes to be the underlying causes of why content doesn't perform well.

The primary cases for using sales content:

  • Knowledge, Shared Learning, Preparation support
  • Communication Support
  • Situation-ready

How an organization should go about producing content that is high-quality, high performing and sales-ready.

What Jim recommends in terms of deploying content, or making situation-ready content easier for salespeople to access and use?

And much more.

Enjoy the interview!


About Jim:

Jim Burns is a sales professional with a unique expertise in sales conversation and content. For over 20 years his company Avitage developed sales content and software that improved the way sales professionals differentiated themselves and created value for customers through the way they sold.

B2B selling organizations of all sizes have benefited from breakthrough approaches Avitage provided to capture and incorporate selling knowledge into daily activities. They've learned how to create effective communication support and situation-ready content that fuels value selling models.

Avitage no longer produces content. They help organizations capitalize on methodologies and practices that create high-performing content, at scale, without compromise.

Aug 9, 2017

In this Women in Sales Leadership episode, I talked with Erin Bush. She is the Director of Revenue Operations at SalesLoft, the platform for modern sales engagement.

A Walker 2020 report revealed that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key differentiator. There is no doubt that experience is a key priority for many organizations. Forrester reported that 72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority. In a blog from NewVoiceMedia, their recent research indicates that companies lose more than $62 billion due to poor customer service. That's a big problem!

I talked with Erin about SalesLoft defines customer experience and who is involved in the experience process. From their point of view it is a team effort between Marketing, Sales and their Customer Success team.

We talked about:

How the teams work together to create seamless experiences.

How they make sure that the team is well informed and hand-off points are clearly defined.

How technology and systems are key to a successful workflow.

Enjoy the interview!


About Erin:

Erin Bush is the Director of Revenue Operations at SalesLoft, the platform for modern sales engagement. In this role, she works with Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to create systems to more efficiently prospect, win, onboard, and support customers.

Erin is a veteran sales leader in the Atlanta startup community.  An innovator in sales operations, Erin specializes in building a connected sales practice utilizing modern sales technology.